ryanRyan first got addicted to biking when he was a bike courier in wpg in the late 90’s. Then he got really addicted to fixing them in Tucson at Bicas bike co-op where he spent 2 winters learning the craft. Now he’s not sure whether fixing them or riding them is better, too close to call.  In 2002 he moved to Vic and couldn’t believe there wasn’t already a community bike shop in such a bike friendly city. So he coerced his best buddy Milenkovitch to move here and with the help of Marcella the 3 of them got Recyclistas off the ground. Now he’s happily married to the Recyclistas administrator Cordelia and has 2 boys to keep things interesting.  He has around 10 bikes, downhill, x-country, park, touring, polo, commuter, fixie, recumbent, trike, trekking, etc He has a soft spot for stoner metal and hates reggae for some reason. He thinks fish are the ultimate pet and plants are pretty cool too. Favorite tool? definitely the dag-1.



Lee Bly has been fixated on bicycles since a young age. They sparked his interest in learning mechanics, exploring his surroundings and making art and friends. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta left a longing for travel and insight, so after finishing 9 months of the Katimavik program in 2003 he bought an Ironhorse Desperado hardtail mountain bike and some panniers and set off to explore the Rockies and British Columbia. Bicycle touring is addictive and so is spreading good messages so he joined the Otesha BC tour in 2004. After working and volunteering at various bike shops around Victoria he settled in to the welcoming, inspiring arms of Recyclistas’ in 2009 and has worked there intermittently since.

Lee prides himself on his patience and generosity with cyclists of all styles, ages and experiences. He loves Recyclistas’ inviting and hands-on atmosphere, something he hasn’t found in many other shops. Teaching classes and the Park Tools School has been challenging but highly rewarding in regards to the folks he’s met and the skills he’s developed over the years. He eagerly looks ahead to the infinite possibilities that do it yourself education can provide. Did I mention Lee also pumps tires at lightning speeds?

Aside from his work-life, Lee enjoys the riches of Bicycle Polo every Wednesday night at the Fernwood Community Center, the legendary Mystery Moonlight Rides (since 2005!), making art, wandering through forests, music shows, campfires, Mexican and Japanese food and last but not least (obviously), Beer! Like, good beer. Anyways, don’t be shy, come say hi!


He originally hails from Winterpeg, Manidontwannagothere (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and at one point could be found gallivanting around at one of the many Community Bike Shops. Attracted to the island lifestyle, the weather, and the surroundings Jordan rides his bike every day and loves exploring.

He’s been riding a bike for years and years but only started learning about bike repair at The Bike Dump in Winnipeg in 2009. He then attended college and holds a college certificate Software and Web Development. After graduation he chose instead to get his hands greasy working as a Bicycle Repair Instructor and Resource Reclamation Coordinator from 2013 to 2017 at The Winnipeg Repair, Education, ‘n’ Cycling Hub (The WRENCH).

Outside of work you’ll find him riding his bike, digging in the garden, cooking in the kitchen, taking a hike, or playing with his many musical synthesizers.