3-Hour Bike Repair Class

Come to Recyclistas to learn how to safely and effectively maintain, fix, and rebuild bicycles. Whether you are looking to better understand how your own bicycle works, get comfortable doing your own bike repairs, or to completely refurbish and build a bicycle, we are ready to help you get rolling!

If you want to go into more detail, we also offer a 15-hour Build Your Own Bike Course.

Course Details

The 3-hour bike repair class does not have a set curriculum, but are conducted on a bike-by-bike basis so you get to work on what is wrong with your bike. We teach everything from fixing a flat to building a wheel and stock all the new & used parts you might need for your bike repairs (cost of parts is not included in the course fee).

Unfortunately we are not able to teach suspension overhauls, hydraulic brake bleeding, or any e-bike repairs during the course.

Thursdays 1pm – 4pm
Saturdays 1pm – 4pm

Cost: $45
Maximum three participants per class

If none of the scheduled times work for you, round up 1-2 friends to set up your own private class! Send us an email at recyclistasbike@gmail.com for more information.

Course Policies

Nov 7, 2021