Meet the Staff...

Bike Mechanic/Owner

From the moment I stepped into Bicas (a bike recycle in Tucson, Arizona) I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Surrounded by piles of bike parts, work benches, and bike art, I was in love.

After 18 years running this shop my passion hasn’t waned one bit. I still wake up exited to get my hands on an old Nishiki, bring it back to life, and put it in the hands of a new rider. It doesn’t get old for me.

Bikes I have: Chromag Rootdown,Norco Range, Velo Orange Polyvalent, Dodici polobike, Myata Two Ten, Velo Orange Piolet.

How I like to ride them: Bike camping, bike polo, really fast, to work, for pleasure, downhill, uphill, etc.

Other interests: Tropical fish, Collecting vinyl, plants, yoga , exploring Vancouver island, reptiles, UFC.

Big fan of stoner metal, but I love hearing what the other staff play.

Bike Mechanic/Instructor

Shayne Thomas started working at Recyclistas mid-summer of 2020 as a Sales Associate and quickly worked his way into being a mechanic. Shayne believes in helping the community of cyclists not only with quality repairs but also by instructing classes. Shayne wants every cyclist to feel comfortable doing the basic maintenance it takes to maintain a bike in a safe fun condition, such as a flat fix or a brake adjustment.

Ryan loves to share that Shayne got his first bike from Recyclistas, then 16 years later Shayne began working at Recyclistas. Shayne says “this is the best job he has ever had with some of the best customers”.

Bike Mechanic

This is Jordan, a writer, anime-enthusiast, and tattoo-lover. Originally hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, they didn’t pay much attention to bikes until moving to Vancouver. They came up through the community bike scene there, working at shops like The Bike Kitchen and Our Community Bikes (among others) over ten years before finally making the jump across the water to Victoria. Working at Recyclistas aligns with their values such as re-using/fixing old stuff and making transportation more accessible to everyone. They have 9 bikes and a big soft spot for cyclocross and quality steel track bikes. Some of their favourite things are bike-packing, reading/writing poetry in the sun, dogs, how the streets look after the rain, and being somewhere they’ve never been before. 

Sales Asssociate

Ez is a playwright, artist, and hair dye addict living on lekwungen/songhees WSÁNEC, te’mexw treaty association, and coast Salish land. He’s been cycling as his main form of transportation since he was 15. He loves working at Recyclistas because of it’s focus on supporting the community, its commitment to supporting both employees and customers, and the fact that they always play good music.

Sales Associate

Jess has been a part of the Recyclistas crew since May 2022. As a Bike Instructor for Capital Bike for Grades 4 and 5, Jess became drawn to Recyclistas to deepen their knowledge of bike mechanics in a space that prioritizes accessibility, sustainability, and cool stickers. 

Shop Dog/Head of Security

Born: Jan 2, 2021

1/2 border collie 1/4 husky 1/4 German Shepard.

Loves being pet by customers, just don’t make any sudden moves! Can jump incredibly high and does so on a regular basis. Has a passion for sticks, the bigger the better. Soft spot for belly rubs. Ear piercing bark that will rattle your nerves if he chooses to. Good with other dogs, squirrels-watch out!

Can run faster than you can bike.

Jun 17, 2016