Bicycles For Sale

Used Bikes for Sale

Refurbished Bikes

We have a variety of used bikes for sale in many different styles and price points to suit any rider! Our refurbished bikes for sale can be found on the racks in front of the shop with the prices marked on the handlebars. They typically range in price from $350-900. 

All of our refurbished bikes have been overhauled, tuned up, worn parts have been replaced, and they are as good as new. We encourage you to come down to the shop to see what we have in stock and take some bikes for test rides. We frequently update our Instagram if you want a preview of what we have in stock.

Custom Builds

If there isn’t anything in stock that suits you, we can also build you a custom bike in just a few days! We work with your budget and riding style to create your perfect bike! You can roll away with a one-of-a-kind creation for all of your adventures. 

Like our refurbished bikes, all custom builds are overhauled, tuned up, and guaranteed to be good as new.

How it works:

If you don’t L-O-V-E the custom bike, you are under no obligation to purchase it. We will find someone else to love it.

$50 Bikes

As-is bikes from our boneyard are only $50. These bikes are great if you would like a project to work on or have a small budget. 

Unlike our refurbished bikes, as-is bikes are not guaranteed and do not have a warranty. We are happy to do additional work on the bikes to get them rolling, at our standard service rates

The boneyard has lots of bikes for you to look through!

Warranty & Returns

Refurbished and custom built bikes all come with a 3 month warranty and during that period you are welcome to come by the shop any time to get adjustments made. Even if you have no problems, come by at the end of the warranty period and we will tune up the bike for free.

Unlike used bikes from private sellers, our bikes come with the peace of mind knowing that these bikes are ready to ride and will not need any repairs, and that we will stand behind our products. You will also be saving a bunch of money compared to buying a new bike and helping recycle and reuse in the process!

We do not offer returns of any of our bikes – all sales are final. 

What's in stock...

We frequently update our Instagram page with new bikes from our racks. Check out some of our recent uploads below and follow us so you will never miss out on a sweet deal!

Oct 28, 2021