Build A Bike

Build Your Own Bike at Recyclistas Bike Shop

Do you want to learn how to build a bike from scratch? This 12 hour course takes place over four days and takes you through every stage of the bike building process – from the frame up! In the process, you gain familiarity with every part of your bike and increase your confidence doing bike mechanics. You also get a sweet bike and bragging rights out of the deal 😉 

If you just want to learn how to do repairs on your existing bike, we also offer a 3-hour “Learn to Fix Your Own Bike” course. 

Course Content

Some of the things we will cover during the course are how to: 

  • Strip a bike
  • Adjust or overhaul hubs
  • True wheels
  • Adjust or overhaul headset
  • Adjust or replace bottom bracket
  • Replace all cable and housing
  • Set up and adjust brakes
  • Set up and adjust shifting
  • And more depending on the bike needs!

Course Info

The cost of the course includes shop time, instruction from our expert bike mechanics, and a $50 credit for a used bike or parts from our shop to get you started. We also recommend that you budget a minimum of $500 for additional parts to complete the build. You are welcome to use parts from our shop, or bring your own parts in for the build. 

* This class requires 2 participants minimum to run! If we do not get sufficient enrolment we will refund your fees or allow you to take the class at a different time.

The BYOB courses are only offered during the winter season

Course Policies

Nov 14, 2021