Bikes for Humanity

Recyclistas partners with Bicycles for Humanity to help ship bicycles to Africa. Once the bikes are received in Africa, locals rebuild and sell them at a reasonable profit with the proceeds going to a local orphanage. Sending bicycles to Africa provides the opportunity for employment and allows people to access reliable transportation cutting down the time it takes to get medical attention or family necessities. Bikes for Humanity has shipped 3,500 bikes to Africa thus far with many of these coming from Recyclistas through your donations!

Recyclistas donates to Bicycles for Humanity about once a month whenever the amount of donated bicycles at the shop become unmanageable. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement as Recyclistas gets a lot of old steel mountain bikes donated while Bicycles for Humanity often gets road bikes that aren’t suitable for brutal African roads. We swap bikes which works for us both. You can contribute to Bikes for Humanity by bringing your old bikes to Recyclistas.