Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is Recyclistas open?

Please check our Contact & Hours page for our hours of operation. The business hours change seasonally, but regardless of the time of year, we are normally open every day of the week, even Sunday, but we are closed for statutory holidays.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my bike in for repairs?

You can bring your bike in for repairs any time we are open; an appointment is not necessary. If it is a small job that will take a few minutes we can probably do it for you on the spot, otherwise, please be prepared to leave your bike with us for a few days. We do have loaner bikes available. Wait times to get your bike back will vary depending on how busy we are. Please DO NOT leave your bike outside the shop before or after hours if you need repairs and are unable to ride your bike elsewhere.

Does Recyclistas buy or trade bikes or parts?

No, we do not buy or trade bikes or parts, and we do not offer credit for any donated parts or bikes.

If you want to sell your bike or parts, used victoria or craigslist is your best bet, otherwise we will be happy to take any bikes and parts you wish to donate.

Can Recyclistas keep an eye out for my stolen bike?

We get calls and stories like this literally every day. Sadly, bike theft is a very common occurrence in Victoria. We simply do not have the capacity to be on the lookout for all the stolen bikes we get notified about. Notify the police and file a report (you can do this online) and hopefully it will turn up.

The Facebook group The Stolen Bike Avengers is a very effective local forum to get the word out about your stolen bike. Post a picture, police file number and as many details about the bike and its disappearance as possible and the large community of users will keep an eye out for it. We check this page regularly, especially when a bike/person comes in that doesn’t feel right.

Here is some advice to prevent future theft:
1) do not leave your bike unlocked and unattended.
2) do not leave your bike locked up for extended periods of time, especially overnight.
3) secure your wheels and saddle/seatpost. make sure they are not quick release.
4) use a strong lock.
5) record your frame’s serial #. this is the only sure way of identifying your bike if it is found.
6) register your bike with VicPD and Project 529 Garage.


Jun 17, 2016