Bike Repairs

From fixing flat tires to hand building new wheels, tightening a loose screw to a full tuneup, and everything else in between, we can provide you the bike repairs that you need fast and at a reasonable price. Recyclistas is fully equipped to handle almost any repair your bicycle may need.

Whether you need a quick repair like a flat tire, or a total overhaul, bring your bike on by any time and roll it into the shop. No appointment needed. We repair flats immediately, and other minor repairs may be able to be done on the spot too. If the repair is more involved like a tune-up, expect to leave your bike with us for a few days. We service bikes in the order that they come to us, so sometimes there can be a bit of a wait, especially during the summer.

If you ride your bike every day and need it to get around we can offer you a loaner bike while we do your repairs, or once we have assessed your bike you can make an appointment to drop it off at a later date, and then we can get it back to you by the end of that day.

Below is a summary of our shop service rates (effective spring 2020):

Pump your own tires/Oil Your Own Chain   Free
We Pump Your Tires/Oil Your Chain  $2
Flat Repair/Install Tire $8 + Tube
Install Accessories $6-$15 + Parts
Install Rack $20-$25 + Parts
Install Fenders $20-$25 + Parts
Wrap Drop Bars $20
Install Bars or Stem $8 + Parts
Cut Off Lock $5 Cable $15 U-Lock
ICBC Appraisal $20
Remove Seized Seat Post $20-50
Rebuild Bike In A Box $40-$70
Box Up Your Bike $35 BYOB(ox)
Strip Bike To Frame and Fork $45
Bike Bath $20
Tune Up
Wipe Frame, True Wheels, Adjust Hubs, BB, Headset,

Adjust Gears and Brakes, Set Derailleur Limits, Check

Bolts, Oil Pivots, Oil Chain, Pump Tires $75 + Parts

Change Handlebars
Swap Bars With New Cables, Housing, Parts
Take Out
Lock or Helmet $2/Day $14/Week
Bike Rental
(Includes Helmet and Lock)
$20/Day $80/Week
Install Cassette/Freewheel $15
Adjust Hub $15
Overhaul Hub $25 + Parts
True Wheel $25
Replace Spoke $25-$30 + $2/Spoke
Wheel Build $75 + Parts
Install Brake Pads $15-$20/Pair + Parts
Brake Adjustment $15
Install Brake Cable $15 + Parts
Install Brake Caliper $8/Brake + Parts
Install Brake Levers $8 + Parts
Brake Bleed $35-$50
Hydraulic Fluid Flush $50 + Fluid
Install Chain $8 + Parts
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $12
Derailleur Adjustment $15
Install Gear Cable $15 + Parts
Install Derailleur $8-$15 + Parts
Install Crank Arms $15 + Parts
Install Shifter $8 + Parts
Bottom Bracket
BB Adjustment $15
Install Sealed BB $20-$25 + Parts
Overhaul BB $30 + Parts
Headset Adjustment $15
Overhaul Headset $30 + Parts
Install Headset $30 + Parts
Install Fork $30-$55 + Parts
Shop Time: Use Of Tools, Bike Stand, Asking Questions
$15/Hour, Prorated

Min. $2/Person

Classes: 3-Hour, Self-Directed, with Mechanic Guidance
$30/Adult $20/Youth

Check Website For Availability

Exchanges or store credit. NO REFUNDS.

PLEASE NOTE: We will store your dropped off bike for a maximum of 2 weeks without work completed and two weeks after work completed for free. After the 2 week period we charge $1 per day to the owner for a maximum of 3 months before we consider the bike abandoned. Of course we would rather not charge for storage but we really need the space!

Jun 12, 2016