Tool Rental & Repair Instruction

One of the great things about community bike shops such as Recyclistas is that we allow you to work on your own bike in our shop using our tools, parts and knowledge of the experienced bike mechanics if you need it. This service is for those who have a varying knowledge of bike repairs. If your knowledge is limited, mechanics are available to guide you through the repair process. If you are confident working on your own and just need to ask the odd question thats fine too.

There is no need to make an appointment.  If you want to work on your own bike you can come in any time, we have plenty of space available. The availability of mechanics to help with your repairs will vary depending on how busy we are so we would appreciate your patience. A general rule is if you think a repair will take you X amount of time, budget for triple it. The process is rarely as simple or as easy as you think it may be.

The rate for this service is $15/hour and is pro-rated based on the time that is used. For example, if you only need to use the shop and tools for 20 minutes then you would only pay $5. Cost of parts is not included.

Another option for DIY repairs which can sometimes be a bit more cost effective if you have a number of repairs to do, is attending one one of our 3- hour classes for only $30. Take a look at our 3-Hour Classes page for more details.

Jun 18, 2016